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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Trip to Brighton!

So, recently I took a little trip to Brighton with two of my closest friends Alice and Nia! I had been waiting for this trip for so so long and I can honestly say that I had the best time! Brighton is now one of my favourite places that I have ever been too and I would love to live there some day...yes that's how much we all loved it! In today's post I'm going to be sharing some photos from the trip with you and also letting you know some of the best moments too. If you ever have the chance to go to Brighton or are even considering it, DO IT! I promise that you won't regret it and will thank me later...

The first day was spent getting to know the area and exploring a little bit! It was a really beautiful day which always makes everything so much better, so that was a bonus! I really loved just walking around everywhere and recognising places from Zoe and Alfies vlogs! Seeing the Bandstand for the first time was amazing for me and this is 100% one of my favourite things about Brighton! The first day was really lovely and we spent the night on the beach watching the sunset and this was such a moment for all of us! We all had instantly fallen in love with Brighton and we knew it was going to be a good few days! We stayed in an Air BnB which is something that I have never done before! It was really great staying with a family and so comfortable and relaxing! I think that I might do a whole other post on this experience in the future!

The second day was probably my favourite as we managed to fit so much in, but it was amazing! We took lots of great pictures, explored a little bit more and just had an amazing day in the beautiful sunshine! We also bumped into Alfie, Sean, Chai and Marcus too! If you watch YouTube, then you will for sure know who these guys are! They were all so so lovely and we just had a really nice chat with them. We also got some pictures with them of course because it isn't everyday that you run into Alfie Deyes!

Meeting other YouTubers who I have looked up to and watched for so so long was really amazing for me and just got me excited about my own channel and blog even more! I'm so glad that I have these photos to look back on...

The final day was spent soaking in every bit of Brighton that we could and taking a few more pictures of course! We spent a lot of time just sitting and chilling on the beach as listening and watching the sea is something that we all loved! We all agreed that living in a seaside town would be the best! We also explored the lanes a lot more which was lovely! The lanes was one thing that stood out to me and made Brighton so unique! We did a lot more walking around to make sure that we saw every bit of Brighton that we wanted too!

Overall, my trip to Brighton was some of the best days yet! I've never fallen in love with a place so easily before and I've also never missed a place so much before either! I am very eager to go back there as soon as I can and I could imagine myself living there one day too! I would recommend going to Brighton if you can as it's so amazing and got everything! The couple that we stayed with described it so perfectly, 'It's London with the beach' and I just thought that it summed it up perfectly!

I also couldnt have gone with better girls either! Alice and Nia are so so similar to me so we get along so so well and are just as weird as each other! It was so nice spending a few days away with these girls and creating so many memories! We did nothing but laugh for three days and I've never felt happier! Going to such an amazing place with two amazing girls was just a dream come true!

I hope you all enjoyed reading today's post and I will be back again very soon!

Kellie xx



  1. lovely post,it is clear you had a great day,love the photos xo

  2. Thank you so much! It was amazing :) xx


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