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Sunday, 3 July 2016

June Favourites!

Today's post is all about my favourites in June! I seem to say this EVERY month but it's so true...where has the month gone? Half the year has already gone by and I just can't get my head around it! Surely I can't be the only one who thinks that it's so crazy that we're now in July? Anyway...let's get on with my favourites from this month as there have been lots of things that I have been loving!


This month, I finally got round to buying some bits from the new Sweet Inspirations range by the amazing Zoe Sugg! I had to mention the body lotion as its so amazing! The scent of the whole collection is really beautiful and the packaging is to die for! This body lotion is the perfect product for me! It sinks into the skin really quickly which is great as it leaves your skin feeling super soft rather than sticky...A little goes a long way and its super affordable too!

I have been LOVING this blusher this month, especially on my holiday. I use this product as a blusher and a highlighter as I think it gives you the effect of both. It just leaves my skin looking really healthy and leaves the prettiest glow on my cheeks! My blusher is in the shade Peachy Pink Kisses. I wore this so much on holiday and I can't get enough of it! I would defiantly recommend this product if you haven't tried it yet...

These metallic kind of eyeshadows have always fascinated me and I always thought that they looked so so gorgeous! This shade called Fireball by NYX is stunning! It's an orange shade and just looks so amazing on the eyes. I have worn this product so much this month as I just feel like it can create an amazing look and even though it doesn't take a lot of effort to apply, it looks stunning!

Mac Honeylove is probably one of my favourite lipsticks every month and I'm sure that I have mentioned this product on my blog before...But it's honestly one of my all time favourite lipsticks! But recently I bought a Glamour magazine and you got a free beauty product inside. I got the Model Co Illusion Lip Liner and this is a nude shade. This is honestly the perfect liner to go with Mac's Honeylove and they look so so good together! I have been wearing this combination non stop so I had to mention it in this post!

On my recent holiday, I wore this product so much because I thought it was a perfect summer shade! This shade is called Pumpkin Pie 2 and it's a really pretty bright orange. I thought that it looked really nice with my tan and blonde hair and worked really well with the NYX Eye Shadow too! This product is long lasting and so affordable too!


Now this is something that HAD to be mentioned in this post! I went to go and see this just before I went on my holiday and I fell in love with the film! I loved the two actors in the film and it was just so amazing! The story line was so incredible and the whole setting of the film was really beautiful. It was really funny and romantic and it's one of the best films that I have seen in so so long! I already was a massive fan of Sam Claflin and I have now fallen in love with Emilia Clarke! Stephen Peacocke was also in the film too which was a bonus as I also love him! 

I also bought the book and took it with me on holiday to read because I knew that I had to see what the book was like! Again..the book defiantly didn't disappoint at all and was just as good as the film! I was wondering how different the two were going to be but they were very similar which I really loved. It's such an amazing book to read and story line is so beautiful! I couldn't recommend Me Before You enough!

6. The Originals 

My TV favourite of the month has to be The Originals. I began watching this programme after finishing The Vampire Diaries and I love it just as much! I really love the story line and the whole theme of the programme. I am still on season 1 as I haven't had much time to watch it but I am loving it so far! Klaus and Rebekah are my favourite characters and I love seeing a show all about them rather than just seeing them in small bits on The Vampire Diaries!

Another one of my film favourites for this month has been Friends With Benefits. Now this obviously isn't a new film but it's always been one of the best! It's such a classic film that everyone seems to love! It's so hilarious and I love Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake! I could watch it over and over again without getting bored and since I have watched it a few times in June, I thought I would include it in today's post!


8. Natasha Bedingfield

This artist is one that I have recently discovered again and I am so so happy about it! I used to listen to Natasha Bedingfield so much when I was younger and for some reason I must of stopped...But I have now found her again and started listening to her music non stop! I love every single one of her songs, especially all of the classics! I have been loving Neon Lights and Soulmate in particular! I would really love to go and see her in concert one day...

Youtubers and Bloggers

Images taken from @lydiaemillen Instagram

Images taken from @hellooctoberxo Instagram

9. Hello October and Lydia Millen

I have recently discovered two new Youtubers and Bloggers! The first one is Hello October and she is amazing! She runs a really great blog filled with so many amazing pictures and content and she also runs a YouTube channel too! I really love the videos that she posts and the style of them too! I have been looking to her a lot recently for inspiration. The second person that I discovered is Lydia Millen. She is so so stunning and I love her personality so much! Her blog is incredible and the images on there are so inspiring and beautiful! I also really love her YouTube channel. I think that she is so down to earth and so talented at what she does! Please go and check these two out if you haven't already!

Hello October: blog channel Instagram
Lydia Millen: blog channel Instagram

I hope you enjoyed reading today's post! I am just loving creating things for my blog and channel at the minute! I am so glad that these two platforms are available for me as I have fallen in love with them! If you have any links that you want me to check out to your blog or channel then leave them in the comments! I will be back again very soon...

Kellie xx


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