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Saturday, 4 June 2016

May Monthly Favourites!

Today I have my May monthly favourites to show you! There are a variety of things from beauty to films...I feel like this month has flown by and I'm really happy that it's June as this is the month that I go on holiday and also the month that I finish college forever! I'm going to get straight on with my favourites as there are quite a few to talk about...


1. Soap and Glory Highlighter
This product is so so amazing! It's gives the prettiest glow on the top of your cheeks and it was only £8! It reminds me of the Nars highlighters but this is a much more affordable version. I have been using this everyday and I can't get enough of it!

2. Collection Eye Primer
This is the first eye primer that I've used and I love it! It keeps my eye shadow on for so much longer and it's really affordable as well. This product was only £5!

3. Revlon Ultra HD Liquid Lipsticks
These are my favourite makeup products at the minute! They are really pretty shades and feel so light on the lips. They last a really long time and I love love love them!


4. Garnier Micellar Water
This is a product that I'm sure everyone has heard of by now but I had to mention it! This water is what I use to remove my makeup everyday and it has honestly been a life saver for my skin.

5. Garnier Summer Body
This is a tinted moisturiser and I have been loving it recently! As the sun is slowly starting to come out a bit more, I am feeling very pale! So I have been using this quite a lot recently to help with that.

6. Girl Online: On Tour
This is a book that I have finally got around to reading and this is by the one and only Zoella. This is her second book and I loved it so so much! I really love how both books are different but still carries on the same story-line. It's so addictive and I would recommend giving this a read. 

7. The 100
This is something that I have mentioned on my blog loads before but I had to mention it in my monthly favourites as season 3 has just finished. It was yet again, another amazing season and this programme has me on the end of my seat every episode and I have gone through so many emotions while watching it too! Please give it a watch if you haven't already!

8. The Vampire Diaries
Again...this is another programme that I have talked about a lot already, but I have been watching it so so much this month! I wont say a lot about this because I will just be repeating myself, but such an amazing cast and I love EVERY SINGLE EPISODE!

9. No Kiss List
This is a film that I found on Netflix and it stars one of my favourites, Victoria Justice, so I thought I would give it a watch! Its about a girl and her gay best friend and basically all about their friendship and the changes that happen. I really really enjoyed it and would suggest watching it as I don't think people realise its out there!

10. Pinterest and 1 Second Everyday
These are the two apps that I have been loving this month! Pinterest is one that you all know by now, and I am still loving creating boards and looking on it everyday! The other app that I wanted to talk about was called 1 Second Everyday. Its exactly what it sounds film one second everyday and that's it. I have really been enjoying doing this and I can't wait to watch it all back after a long amount of time.

Images from @annasaccone @inthefrow

11.Anna Saccone and In The Frow
These are my YouTube favourite of the month and also my favourite blogger too! I'm sure I will have mentioned these two on my blog before, so all I'm going to say is please go and check them out as they are so so amazing!

12. Selena Gomez
I have listened to Selena Gomez non stop this month! I really love her newest album and love to sing along to all the songs in the car! I will always love her and her music every month...

Thank you so much for the support on my blog! 

Kellie xx


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