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Friday, 27 May 2016


Last night, I watched one of the most inspiring videos on YouTube. One of my all time favourite YouTubers posted a video all about cyber bullying. This is something that she has to deal with every day, which most Youtubers do, and it's not fair as they really don't deserve it. No one does. Dani is honestly one of the most beautiful girls inside and out and the hateful comments on her videos or social media are nasty and there is really no need for them. The video is only 2 minutes long, but portrays such a powerful message and is very emotional to think what some people are going through. She also posted a picture on Instagram too, which everyone needs to see as #killthemwithkindness is something that everyone needs to support and understand.

I believe that everyone should support one another, compliment one another and always be positive with a smile. Why do some of us feel the need to be horrible to others around them and go out of there way to point out things about people. We should all point out the amazing things about each other, as we are all unique and beautiful. Tell yourself how amazing you are and don't let others tell you any differently, even though it can be hard at times. Everyone goes through hard times in their life, and nobody is perfect! We all have bad days where we don't feel as great, but everyone is still beautiful with or without makeup. I feel that sometimes people are so obsessed with how they look or how everyone else looks around them, this shouldn't be the main focus at all. When someone tells you that there's something 'wrong' about your appearance or gives you any hateful comment, all you have to do is...#killthemwithkindness

'In the US alone, 4,500 people commit suicide every year due to cyber bullying. Let's spread positivity to make that statistic change from 4.500 to 0.'

To finish off this post, I just want to thank Dani Mansutti. This is such an important message and the #killthemwithkindness movement is such an amazing step. I can't event think how hard this must have been to put this video out there, as I know so many people want to speak out but are too scared. Thank you for being that voice. You have started something amazing here and I know it's going to help so many people. You are such an inspiration and you are BEAUTIFUL! No matter what those few haters say to you...

Kellie xx

Dani Mansutti:


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