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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Some nice weather, finally!

Today's post is another day in the life post and basically updating you on my week! I am really enjoy writing these posts as I love looking back on them, even if it's just a boring day, I still like looking back on it! I am so so happy that I have carried on with this blog and carried on posting, as I really enjoy running it and it's almost like a diary of my life which I think is quite cool...

This week, we have been quite lucky with the weather as it's been really sunny! I really love the sun and it always puts me in a better mood. I have been loving getting my sunglasses out and the drive to college is so much more bearable in nice weather! I have got my Converse back out now which I am so happy about as I can't remember the last time I had them on. The weather makes me more and more excited for my holiday, I am literally counting down everyday as I'm so ready for it!

I am staying at my stepsisters for the next 5 nights as I am looking after her pets while she goes on holiday with my other stepsister. I am so happy to be doing this as I get some time alone for a few days, which is needed in my crazy house of 8! I have decided to start watching The Originals as I have been saving it until now when I know there will be no one to interrupt me for the next few days! So I may get through quite a few episodes...

I have been writing a lot of blog posts this week too which is great! I will go through phases of having loads of ideas at once and I feel like I need to do them all before I forget anything! I have also been looking at some new blog designs but I just can't decide which one! I am hoping that you will see the new design either next month or the month after, it depends how long it takes! I am also hoping to have a new name for my blog at the same time too. So basically just a big blog makeover! Everyone else seems to have a really good name for their blog which isn't just their name like me...So I'm slowly coming up with ideas but I need to make sure that it's perfect!

I hope you've all had a really good week and have had some sunshine too! I have my blog posts planned for next week so I hope you are looking forward to them...I will see you again next week.

Kellie xx

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