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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

MTV Movie Awards: Fashion Favourites

I have decided to do a quick post today on my fashion favourites from the MTV Movie Awards. I love when events like this happen as I'm a big fan of looking at all the red carpet looks. I have chosen my top 5 looks from the night which I though were all gorgeous and amazing! I haven't done one of these posts in a while so I thought that the Movie Awards would be a perfect opportunity for me to write a new blog post...

1.Brittany Snow

Image taken from People Style Watch Website

This look was probably my favourite from Brittany Snow! I really love the colour of the whole look and the style of the dress is really flattering. The shoes are really gorgeous but really simple too which is why I love them so much. Her hair and makeup looks amazing as always and the best look of the night!

2.Anna Kendrick

Image taken from People Style Watch Website

I love Anna Kendrick's look because black is one of my favourite colours to wear so there's no surprise that I love this outfit. I have seen a few pictures of her dress on social media and it's really beautiful. The whole outfit is simple and elegant and one of my top 5!

3.Cara Delevingne

Image taken from People Style Watch Website

Cara always seems to be in my favourite looks all the time as she never fails to impress. She always looks amazing whatever she wears and she always wears colours which I love too. Her hair looks amazing and is one of my favourite things about the whole look. She looks gorgeous in the outfit and the shoes are really nice too.

4.Kendall Jenner

Image taken from People Style Watch Website

I think that Kendall Jenner's outfit is one that was spoke about the most and the main reason for this is because of the shoes! I don't know if I would be able to pull them off but she certainly looks amazing! The dress that she is wearing is so so gorgeous and I really love the style. I think that it's no surprise to everyone that she looks amazing as always!

5.Kat Graham

Image taken from People Style Watch Website

My final favourite fashion look is from Kat Graham who is from the one and only The Vampire Diaries! I thought that she looked so pretty at the awards and I love the colour of the dress. I think that the style is amazing and I know that not everyone can pull of this style but she can! Her hair looks gorgeous as always and her makeup always seems to be flawless too!

I got all of my images from People Style Watch and the majority of the red carpet looks are on there if you want to see the rest...

I hope you enjoyed reading this short post today and I will remember to do some more of these fashion posts in the future! I have started planning some more of my celebrity icon posts too so be sure to look out for them...I will see you again soon!

Kellie xx


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