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Sunday, 17 April 2016

I went to see Little Mix!

On Friday night, I went to see Little Mix at Leeds! This is the third time that I have seen them now and they amaze me every time as they get better and better. This tour was called the Get Weird Tour and it was incredible! They really put on a performance every time and their vocal skills are amazing. I really love watching their shows as they always include a story and something extra every time. 

I went to see them with my mum and she enjoyed the show too as she is a big Little Mix fan like me! We were sat quite far away from the stage but it didn't matter, as we could still see the whole performance! But this did mean that the quality of my photos and videos were a bit rubbish, but at least I still got to go!

I decided to wear all black to the concert which is no surprise for me! And I also decided to wear my new hat from Primark which I am in love with. Wearing comfy clothes is always a must for concerts as I always end up getting up and dancing at some point!

Overall, the girls put on an amaazziinng show and I would recommend seeing them to anyone! They are so talented and sound just as good live as they do on their album. They included some really good covers and one of my favourite parts of the show was when they performed Lightning and DNA! They had choreography for almost every song and it was honestly unbelievable. I am so so happy that I got to go and see this tour because now I have been to every one! 

Image taken from @lydia_connell Instagram

I took lots of videos of the songs as I love watching them back all the time! I posted a video on Instagram of Perrie's insane high note at the end of Little Me, my Instagram is @KellieNee if you want to go and see that!

I loved all of the different outfits that they wore throughout the show and they all looked stunning as always! I love seeing their pictures of Instagram of their tour makeup as it looks amazing! I had such an amazing night seeing them and I hope that I get to see them a lot more in the future...

I hope you enjoyed reading today's post and I will be back soon!

Kellie xx


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