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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

A holiday is needed...

Today is Tuesday and the second day back at college. Its fair to say that I have defiantly not missed it...Getting up early has been quite difficult and the amount of work I need to get done is ridiculous! But, I only have a matter of weeks left now so that is something to look forward to. I can't wait until I can finally say that I have no more exams or coursework to do and I'll be done with college forever! I am really looking forward to my holiday in June as it is defiantly needed. I'm ready for the warm weather and lounging around by the pool all day! 

I have recently bought a new lipstick which is a Kate Moss one by Rimmel. The shade is in 101 and I have really been loving it! I have been wearing it with a Rimmel liner called East End Snob and I love them together. The liner is a bit darker than the lipstick but it creates a nice gradient effect. Kate Moss lipsticks are probably one of my favourite drugstore lipsticks as they are so long lasting and have so many colour's to choose from too...

I am really excited for Friday as I am going to see Little Mix! This will be the third time seeing them and I am really looking forward to it as I know how amazing they are live! They always put on an amazing show and they always look amazing too! I am going with my mum and she is really excited too as she loves seeing Little Mix. I will be doing a blog post about it over the weekend so be sure to look out for that...

I am also looking for a new series to watch on Netflix, I have just finished The Vampire Diaries as you all probably know by now...I am going to watch The Originals as this is part of the show but I don't think that there are that many episodes. People have given me a few suggestions like, Pretty Little Liars and Prison Break but I can't seem to decide what to watch. I need to finish Once Upon A Time as I started watching this, but Vampire Diaries may have taken over! If any of you have any suggestions about good series to watch on Netflix, then please let me know!

I defiantly am considering watching Vampire Diaries all over again at some point as I may be slightly obsessed...

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I hope you enjoyed today's post even though it was very random! But I just wanted to update you on everything! I will be back at the weekend with my Little Mix post so I will see you then! 

Kellie xx


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