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Saturday, 5 March 2016

Lifestyle: February Favourites

I can't believe its time for me to do my monthly favourites again! This year seems to be going by so so quickly! Although, I'm happy for it to speed up to June so I can go on holiday! In today's post, I am going to be talking about my favourites of this month that are lifestyle related. But, if you come back on Tuesday, there will be a post for you talking about all of my beauty favourites. I have quite a few things to talk about today, so read on if you want to find out more...

The first thing that I am going to show you are TV programmes! The first one is by far my new obsession, and that is The Vampire Diaries. I started this programme in January and I am now going onto season 6. I think it's one of the most amazing shows I have ever watched and I love all of the characters involved. The cast are truly amazing and the story lines are always so gripping. The shows always leave you on a cliff hanger, which is why I think I have gone through so so many. I watch this series on Netflix, and I know that season 7 has just been released in the US, how exciting! If you haven't see this before, please so, you will thank me later...

The next programme is The 100! The 100 has now returned for season 3, and I'm sure you all probably know this as I don't stop talking about it! I won't go into too much detail, but let me just tell you that you won't regret watching it! Its such an amazing show that people need to watch! I cannot tell you how happy I am that season 3 is back, and although its only been on for a few weeks, its going above and beyond my expectations, as always!

The next category for today's favourites are films! If you read my blog, you know it will either be a new released film, one that I have been late for watching or an old favourite of mine. Today is one that I bought a while ago, but haven't got round to watching. Love, Rosie is a film that includes two of my favourite actors that I finally watched the other week. I really enjoyed this film and has been one that I loved this month. Its a great film for a cosy night in, and one that I know I will constantly reach for in the future.

Music is one that I will always talk about, as I am a big fan of so many artists! This month, I have particularly been loving Demi Lovato's new album, Confident and Imagine Dragons as a whole! Demi Lovato is always someone that I have loved from the beginning and I have really enjoyed listening to her album in the car this month! Imagine Dragons is a band that I have listened to a lot more this year, and I love them! This month I have been listening to them A LOT, On top of the world and Warriors in particular.

This month, I decided to include my current inspiration. I have never done this before but I thought that this would be an interesting one that people might like to read. This month's inspiration for me has 100% been Anna Saccone. Anna is a well known YouTuber who is part of the brilliant vlogging family, The SacconeJoly's. But Anna has her own channel, which I always follow as I love her videos. She has been a big inspiration to me for everything this month. I look to her for fitness, food, fashion, beauty, personality, life advice and confidence! Through the power of social media, I am able to keep up to date on her life and watch her videos everyday. If I can be like Anna in the future, I will be extremely happy! Please go check out her channel, blog and social media pages as she truly is an amazing women!

Images taken from @annasaccone Instagram

The final thing that I have been loving this month is Pinterest! I have been using it a lot recently and adding lots of new pins to my boards. I have also started following a lot more people this month, so I have gotten so much inspiration. I have really been loving finding lots of fashion inspiration for my holiday on Pinterest, there is so much to look at! I have also been loving finding inspiration for my mums wedding next year. You have no idea how useful this app has been for so many ideas. My username is @KellieNee97 if you want to follow me!

I hope you enjoyed reading today's post! I will back on Tuesday showing you my beauty favourites!

Kellie xx


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