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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

How to create the perfect simple outfit...

I am currently working with an amazing brand called Dizen. Dizen launched in 2015 and brings you affordable fashion from a variety of brands! I have only just recently heard about this brand but I knew this would be a great brand to show you guys on my blog as I know everyone will love it too! Today's post is all about creating the perfect simple outfit. I have chosen a piece from Dizen as the main focus, and I am going to be giving you tips on how to create a quick and easy outfit, that still looks amazing! The lovely girls over at Dizen have also given me a discount code for all of my readers. Use the code 'KELLIENEE20' to get 20% off full price items! I would 100% recommend taking advantage of this as the quality of the clothes are really lovely and there's so much to choose from. 

This dress is from the Dizen website and is a high neck striped dress. It's black and grey and long sleeved as well! I decided to style this amazing dress with a simple leather jacket. I think that this pulls everything together perfectly and gives a statement to the outfit! I also decided to wear some amazing long black boots from Dorothy Perkins. I thought they matched really well with the leather jacket. Having the dress as the main feature always works well as you don't need to put too much effort in with the jacket and shoes. 

I decided to wear a Kate Moss lipstick in the shade 107. Wearing a bold lip is the perfect idea to include in a simple outfit as it adds the bit of colour which you need! It allows the red of the lips to stand out and this shade is perfect for the outfit. I also decided to include this heart necklace by a brand called Lvndr. Its the perfect necklace to add a bit of detail to your simple outfit. It works really well with the high neck and the colour's work perfectly too. 

You really don't need to spend a lot to create a stylish and simple outfit! A black and grey outfit with a bold lip is so easy to do and can be changed to everyone's taste. This dress by Dizen is really lovely quality and the perfect length for me. The high neck adds a really nice effect and works really well with the leather jacket. This leather jacket is from New Look so was really affordable and goes with so many outfits! Adding the long boots added the perfect finishing touch to the outfit and linked in well with everything else!

I hope you enjoyed reading today's post and I hope I gave you some idea's on creating the perfect simple outfit. I always wear simple outfits as I think they are really quick and easy but can also look fashionable too. I tend to stick with black and grey as I love adding the colour with the makeup or jewellery!

I have enjoyed working with Dizen and I would recommend looking at their website as there are a lot of amazing products! Don't forget to use the code 'KELLIENEE20' to get 20% off full priced items! The people have been so lovely to work with and I hope to work with them again in the future...

Kellie xx


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