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Saturday, 6 February 2016

Day with mum...

Yesterday I spent the day with mum as we haven't had time together in a while! I'm really close with my mum so I really enjoy spending time with her and going on days out together. We decided to go shopping to Doncaster as this is something that we usually do and I really wanted to buy some new things as it has just been pay day!

Yesterday's outfit consisted of all black, as usual! I wore my black dress, black long boots and my leather jacket. I have also recently got a new necklace from a website called Lvndr. I first heard of this website on YouTube and I thought all of the products looked amazing, so I thought I would have a look for myself. I have been wanting a necklace like this for a while now so when I saw it on the website, I instantly fell in love! The necklace is a crystal heart necklace with a gold chain. Its really pretty and I definitely want to buy some more pieces from there soon. It got delivered really fast and came in really cute packaging too!

I didn't really buy anything yesterday as there didn't seem to be much that I liked. The one that that I did decide to buy was the sculpting brush which is part of the Real Techniques Bold Metals range. I have wanted these brushes for so long and they were on offer at Boots, so I decided to pick one up to start off my collection. The rose gold is really pretty and the brush is so soft and fluffy. When I got home, I decided to order a new makeup product online that I have wanted for so long, and since I didn't really buy anything in Doncaster, I thought that I should treat myself! I decided to order the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette! It hasn't arrived yet but I'm sure I will be doing a review of the product on my blog very soon!

We decided to have a Cosmo for lunch as neither of us had been there before but wanted to try it out. Its basically an all around the world, all you can eat buffet. It was delicious! There was so much to choose from and I really enjoyed it. We both ate too much but it was so worth it! I will be going again there soon...

Later on, I decided to go the the gym as I usually do, and I am really happy that I made myself go after eating all of the food at lunch! Me and my family then got together as it was 4 years since my Nana had passed away. My Nana was a massive part of all our lives and I miss her more and more each day. I love spending time with my family as they are so important to me and they all do so much for me. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post as this is the second time that I have done a post like this. I will be back on Tuesday with another beauty post...

Kellie xx


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