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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Pressing Pause...

Taking some time to look after yourself should be something that everyone does on a regular basis. It doesn't have to be a full pamper routine, this time can be taken to do whatever makes you happy and relaxed. I have been working hard on making sure that I give myself time to forget about everything that's making me stressed and only focusing on things that will make me happy! Having downtime is perfect for relaxing the body and its also really beneficial for the mind too! A period of time specific to being calm and happy always has a positive impact and is definitely an important thing that we should all do. In today's post, I am going to be showing you how I take the time to put life on pause for a small amount of time, and hopefully it will remind some of you to do the same as I know I tend to forget from time to time...

1. Lighting a candle
This is the first thing that I always do when having downtime as I think it helps everyone feel a little bit more relaxed instantly. At the moment, I have been loving the small Yankee candles and also a new purchase, which is a vanilla and coconut candle from Primark. I always watch YouTube videos about pamper routines and this is always something that everyone seems to do to start everything off. 

2. Hand Food
Having a bit of a pamper is something that I do like to include as it allows me to feel calmer and helps to take away any stress. Having downtime and pamper time is very different for me so I only choose to incorporate one thing, which is using a hand cream. This is something that I do a few times everyday, so, for me its a great thing to do at the beginning. I am still using the same hand cream that I have been using for years, and this is the Soap and Glory Hand Food. 

3. Having a treat
This is one of the number one priorities when it comes to taking time for yourself. This time is about forgetting about being healthy and stop thinking about fitness for a short while. Don't feel guilty about having a treat as you are allowed to have nice things every so often! I will usually have chocolate, as this is my number one food. But today, I decided to make some popcorn as I hadn't had any in a while. Making a treat is different for everyone, so this step can vary! 

4. Reading a book
Reading is something that I never used to enjoy that much, but as I have got a bit older, I have started to like reading a lot more. It's not something that I will do everyday, but its something that will help me to relax when I take time for myself. At the minute, I have been reading Girl Online On Tour by Zoe Sugg. I read the first one last year and I read that in a few days. I am am loving the second one so far and its one that I would recommend as its an easy read and helps me to feel a lot more relaxed. 

5. Doing something that makes you happy!
This is a really important step and is one that can change for me every time, depending on what I feel like doing. This is usually the last thing that I do but is one that I enjoy the most. One of the things that I usually do is read peoples blogs, this is something that I find makes me really calm and I really enjoy it too. I love catching up on all the blogs that I follow and I love finding new blogs too. Another thing that makes me happy is watching YouTube videos. I have been subscribed to various people for over a year now and I watch their videos every week. So having specific time to sit and catch up on everything is perfect for me. The channels which I love to watch at the moment when I want to relax are Zoella, Anna Saccone and Lucy and Lydia. The final thing which I wanted to mention is watching Netflix. This is one that I tend to choose the most as watching films and series is something that I am really interested in. At the minute, I have been loving The Vampire Diaries.

I hope you enjoyed today's post and I will be back on Tuesday with another beauty post...

Kellie xx


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