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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Everyday makeup essentials (Drugstore)

Today, I decided to show you some of the beauty products that I use on a daily basis and they are all drugstore too, which I know can be really useful! I love trying out different drugstore brands as it can be a lot cheaper, especially when you're using the products everyday. There are 5 products which I am going to talk about and these are from a range of brands. I would recommend these products for everyday makeup looks and they are products that I would happily re-purchase. 

I have spoke about this foundation in a previous post, so I wont go into too much detail! This was the first drugstore foundation that I found to work fairly well with my oily skin. It doesn't keep the shine off all day, but it lasts a lot longer than the other ones that I have tried. It doesn't feel heavy on your skin so I think its perfect for everyday use. This product is £7.99 and is a nice drugstore alternative to using my Mac foundation all the time. 

This is a concealer that I use for under my eyes and its the perfect one for a highlighting effect. Its really smooth to apply and lasts all day. I have the lightest shade for this product as I want it to be slightly lighter than my foundation. I have bought two of these now and they are only £5.49 which is a lot better than paying the higher end prices! 

I recently received this product and I have always wanted to try this brand. I am really happy with the outcome of this product and its defiantly the perfect bronzer for everyday use. Its really buildable as well which I think is really useful with drugstore bronzers. This product is £7.99 so its a nice alternative to buy rather than my Hoola Bronzer all the time. 

I have had this product for a while now and this is one of the first beauty products that I bought from Collection. This blusher block is in the shade 1 and is perfect for blusher and highlight. I think its really useful to use this product for two purposes and it leaves a really lovely finish on my skin. This product is usually £4.19 but its £2.99 at Superdrug at the minute! So its defiantly a cheap product but is really good quality!

A nude lipstick is first choice for me when it comes to everyday makeup looks. I thought that this lipstick by Maybelline was a perfect drugstore lipstick to use on a daily basis. This lipstick is the shade 630 and is only £6.99. It lasts a really long time and is the perfect colour to go with everything! There are so many other lipsticks by drugstore brands that I could talk about, but I thought that this shade was perfect for everyday. 

In the past, I haven't really worn a lot of makeup on an everyday basis because I didn't see much point and I was too lazy! But over the past year, I have got into makeup a lot more and have began learning about new products and techniques from watching beauty videos on YouTube. My makeup collection is slowly growing and I am trying out as many brands as I can to see what works well for me. 

I hope you enjoyed today's post and I will be back on Saturday with another lifestyle post!

Kellie xx


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