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Monday, 19 December 2016

Henryka Jewellery!

Today's post is all about a brand that I think you're going to love...Henryka! This jewellery brand is really beautiful, special and unique. I'm going to be showing you a piece from Henryka in this post, but first...let me tell you a little bit more about them!

Henryka was founded in 2006 by a husband and wife with a dream to create an exclusive jewellery range made from Silver and Amber. The brand is inspired by nature and wildlife which is one of the main reasons why I love I so much. The brand believes that it's not just about creating the jewellery but to draw inspiration from other working people. The designs of the pieces come from various places as the brand believe it's important to get lots of people involved. The brand allows anyone to give any ideas for new pieces or designs which I personally think is amazing and makes the brand extra special. 

'The possibilities are endless for what we can do, as is how many people can join us on the way.' 

Now onto a certain piece that I have been wearing a lot recently, but couldn't show you just yet! I wanted to give this a full review and see what it was like before I showed you as always. This is the Symbol of Hope pendant and it's gorgeous! First of all, the box is so pretty and classic. This just made it feel so special and shows you how great the quality is! I also think that it shows you about the brand too, they clearly love what they do and have a passion for making great pieces...I thought this instantly showed when opening this package.

This necklace is really beautiful. It feels so special compared to anything else that I own and I do own a lot...I really love this design and I have been wearing this non stop. I love the simplicity as I think it makes it look really classic. The pendant is carefully crafted and is designed by someone from Hereford Cathedral School. The circular cognac amber cabochon centre is such a lovely colour and I think it has been so perfect with so many outfits as well. This piece is really high quality and I know so many of you will love this!

Symbol of Hope priced at £29

I really love the idea of each individual piece as well, they have a reason for every design and every detail and it makes the brand extra special. The idea behind this particular piece is...

'To love everyone and care about each other, to have no arguments or grudges and hope for a positive future.'

Overall, I really hope that you guys have fallen in love with this brand as much as I have and I know so many of you will love this piece.  The brand itself is different from a lot of them, they are one team and every piece has a meaning which I just love. I also really love that this brand is currently working with different charities on ranges which is something that is important to me! If you're an animal lover like me, want to support a great cause or appreciate beautiful jewellry, there is defintly something for you. I'm going to leave all links at the bottom of this post if you want to go and check them out! 

I also have a code for you guys if you wants an exclusive discount off pieces from the website. You can even buy your very own Symbol of Hope pendant! The code is KELLIE20 and this will give you 20% off!

I really hope you guys enjoyed reading today's post and I'm so happy that I have been able to work with this special brand. I have now got a Henryka wishlist which I'm going to leave below! There's too many beautiful pieces! I will be back again very soon...

Kellie xx



Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Thinking Of Going To Brighton?

As you could probably tell from my Instagram spam or other social media...I went to Brighton again! I have been once before a few months ago and fell in love, so I had to go back again of course! I went with Alice and Nia and we decided to go in December so that we could see what it was like at this time of the year. Let's just say that it was so pretty with all the Christmas lights and defiantly got me feeling a little bit more festive. Today's post is going to be a round up of my few days away with pictures, things to do if you're thinking of going to Brighton and there will also be some videos up on my channel too! 

Day one was quite amazing as always. The weather was perfect for this time of year. It was still a bit cold but the sun was shining and it was a bright blue sky. Since we all love the look of Brighton and love the sea...this weather was so perfect for the setting. We took a LOT of pictures on day one as the backdrop was amazing! We decided to spend the morning taking Brighton in again as it had been a few months since we had been here. I can't describe how good it felt to be back there and seeing all my favourite spots again. Brighton feels very right for me and I always say this, but I could see myself living there one day. 

We headed straight to the sea and the bandstand as this is one of my favourite things about Brighton. It's a picture perfect setting in my eyes and I just love standing there watching the sea. I think it's really unique and in a perfect location too. A must see if you ever go to Brighton! We wandered to the beach, pier, beach huts and down the lanes too. We just walked everywhere that we could so that we could see it all again. Walking round Brighton can be very tiring but there's so much to see and take in! When you're only there for two days like we were, we wanted to see it all!


Monday, 5 December 2016

Simple Gift Guide!

Today I have a little Christmas guide for you! I decided to keep this post very simple as sometimes big Christmas guides can be quite overwhelming...
I have chosen three things that I think would make great presents this year if you're stuck for ideas! These gifts can be changed to make sure it's what someone likes so I hope you enjoy!

The first idea is a new eyeshadow palette and I'm not going to lie...It's incredible! This palette is from Makeup Revolution and this is a brand that I'm hearing more and more about. This palette is defiantly a statement present and is a product that I think you are all going to love. 

This is the Makeup Revolution Ultimate Eye Shadow Collection. Yes...144 shades to choose from! This is the biggest palette that I have seen and I feel like it covers every colour you'll ever need! There are so many beautiful shades and lots of colours to suit everyone. There are so many colours that work well together and you can create hundreds of different looks with this palette. This palette does contain a lot of shimmery shades but there is also an alternative palette that contains 144 matte shades! So you can pick which one would suit the person better.


Monday, 21 November 2016

Jewellery Box!

Today's post is a review of these gorgeous pieces from Jewellery Box! They have launched their new Christmas range and I'm so excited to show you two of the pieces from the range. This brand has a variety of pieces to choose from and the price range is also varied too which is amazing for everyone! I am a big fan of Jewellery so I was very excited to receive these bits from the brand! There's also a giveaway for you guys too...all information will be at the end of this post!

First of all, I LOVE the packaging! It's so cute and presentable. It just shows that each package is wrapped by hand individually and I really love that. Every detail seems to be thought about and I hope ad to take a photo of the packaging before I looked what was inside. Although...this was quite difficult as I get too excited when I receive things like this!

I was so lucky to receive a necklace and a bracelet from the Christmas range. I'm just going to be talking about these two pieces but, there are so many beautiful pieces in the range so go over to their website and be sure to have a browse. 

The first piece is the 18ct Rose Gold Dipped Sterling Silver 18 Inch Snowflake Necklace.This is honestly so so pretty! The piece is really delicate and simple and it's just perfect. I'm a little obsessed with rose gold and I know a lot of you are too so I know you will love this! The length is perfect too and I'm really impressed with the quality. This is so perfect for this time of year and I think that I would wear this all year round too, not just around Christmas!


Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Why I Love This Time Of Year!

The weather has suddenly got colder, big coats and scarfs are coming out and the nights are getting darker...but I love it!! I really enjoy this time of year and I have been waiting for Autumn to come for so long. I always go for a walk every week round the woods which is near me, and looking around, I knew I wanted to take some pictures and write a blog post all about this time of year because it's the best!

The weather is the one thing that bothers a lot of people but I prefer it to summer! I love love love Autumn and Winter fashion so I'm happy to layer up in the cold. It's a lot more acceptable to wear darker clothing at this time of year too which is great for people who don't wear colour like me! I love turtle neck jumpers, knee high boots and big comfy coats! I also love that you can wear a darker lip on a daily basis too, I love wearing purple lipstick at this time of year! I also love the days wear it feels really fresh but super cold! Been able to see your breath in the air, having a red nose but also feeling the sun on your face is the best. A crisp Autumn morning where the sun is still out is the best. Especially when you're walking around a woods where everything is screaming AUTUMN!

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Too Faced Makeup Review!

This is a post that I know some of you have been waiting here it is! I am going to be sharing with you my opinion on two new products that are from Too Faced! This brand has always been one of my favourites and the fact that it's cruelty free is a massive thing for me. I love everything about this brand so I knew I had to try more of their products. Today I am going to be showing you a foundation and a liquid lipstick! I always read blog posts before buying a product as I love hearing honest opinions and I know how expensive makeup products you want to know if it's going to be good!

The first product that I want to talk about is the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation. I got mine in the shade Ivory and this shade is perfect for me. This foundation is oil free and medium to full coverage. This product is also infused with coconut water to help with skins moisture levels and alpine rose to brighten your appearance. This product is priced at £29 and I'm going to tell you why it's worth it!


Friday, 21 October 2016

A visit to Dogs Trust!

So today's post is very exciting and one that I know so many of you are going to love! Last week, I was kindly invited to the Dogs Trust Centre at of course I had to share my experience with you!
I'm sure a lot of you will of already heard of Dogs Trust, but just in case you haven't...Dogs Trust is the largest dog welfare charity in the UK and they have set the goal to make sure that all dogs have a happy life! They look after thousands of dogs at all the different centres across the UK and they re-home dogs to give them a forever home with new families which is amazing! They do some amazing work for dogs and I have always loved Dogs Trust, so been able to work with them to create a post and a video was incredible! 

I went to the Leeds centre and this one is the closet to me, but there are 21 centres across the UK in total. I went with my friend Nia as she kindly helped film and take photos for me. This was the first time that I have visited this centre and I was amazed by the size of it. People always expect adoption centres to be small, dark and depressing but they are spacious, full of life and really great! We were greeted by Sarah who showed us around and a behind the scenes. She was so so lovely and all of the staff there were very kind and helpful! They all clearly love what they do and work so hard to make sure that all the dogs are happy and healthy.

We were showed around the whole of the centre and I loved it so much! There are quite a lot of dogs there to be re-homed and I wanted to take them all home with me. There is a public section where you can walk around a big room and see all of the dogs. They each have their own space inside and outside which is really spacious and clean for them. Some dogs are put together too which is so nice and they clearly love the company. All the dogs were so adorable and it makes me so sad to think of the things some of them have been through. Who could hurt or abandon such beautiful animals? Each dog is thought about individually and the staff make sure that all the specific needs for each dog are met, which is great!


Friday, 14 October 2016

Tanya Burr Cosmetics

For today's post, I wanted to share with you the beauty products that I own from Tanya Burr Cosmetics! This is a brand that I have loved for a very long time and I have recently picked up some new things that I am obsessed with. I'm sure you all know who Tanya Burr is...but she is a really amazing YouTuber who I have loved for so long! When she released her beauty line, I knew I had to try some of the products! She has released so many more products since the beginning and it's now one of my favourites. It's so affordable and the quality of these products are insane! I love that the brand is growing more and more and it's also great to see so many products sold out too. I thought I would share with you my collection and tell you why I love them so much.

First of all...look how beautiful the products are! They defiantly look a lot more expensive than they are and I really love the look of the whole collection, it's so easy to take pictures of these! Tanya Burr Cosmetics consists of Nail Polish, Face Palettes, Eye Shadow Palettes, Eyelashes, Illuminators, Lipgloss, Lipsticks and my favourite...Liquid Lipsticks! She has also released lots of new gifts for Christmas which are really gorgeous!

The first thing I have are these two eyeshadow palettes. The first one is the Hollywood Eye Palette and this one consists of your basic nude and brown shades. It's the perfect everyday palette that I think everyone would love! The shades are really pigmented and pretty. I love the size of this palette as it fits perfectly in any bag and is really good quality. The next palette is the Enchanted Dream Eye Shadow Palette and this one also consists of a lot of brown shades but these are very matte which I love! The shades are a little bit darker than the first palette but I have been loving wearing this look at the minute. Again, the shades are so pigmented and pretty! I love the packaging of this palette and they both have mirrors inside too which is so handy. These are both priced at £5.99 so amazing price for the quality!


Friday, 30 September 2016

September Favourites!

It's that time again...who's ready for another monthly favourites! I honestly can't believe how quick this year is going but I am happy that October has come because its my birthday month! And I can now wear layers and coats and boots...YES!

I have quite a few favourites from the month of September and I must say...I'm very happy with them all. So without further ado...

1. I heart Makeup Triple Baked Blush

Now this is actually a blusher but I have been using this as a highlighter! It's really pigmented and so pretty! It gives the nicest glow on your cheekbones and I have basically been obsessed with this all month! Its only £4.99 and a must have in my collection now. If you're looking for a new drugstore, cruelty free highlighter, then I would defiantly recommend this! You can also use it as a blusher as well...

2. Tanya Burr Perfect Brows

This product is new to my collection this month and I have been so so late at buying this! It has been out a while now but I have always used eyebrow pencils... but now that I have been converted to powders, I thought I would give it a go! I must say that I love this product.. Very affordable again and I love that it gives you different shades to choose from. It's long lasting and I really don't think you need to spend loads on a brow product when this is available!

3. Lip Liners

I have been LOVING lip liners this month! I have always used them but never on a daily basis...I have bought quite a few recently and have just loved the look that it gives. It allows my lipstick to last longer too. In particular, I have been loving the liners from New Look and Primark! These are super affordable and just my favourite. The New Look ones are incredible as they have loads of colours and are perfect for me at the minute.

4. Barry M Nail Paint

I have had this nail paint for a while now but I have only recently got it out again to use. Let's just say that I'm slightly obsessed. It is the perfect colour for this time of year and I actually think that this is going to be my colour for the rest of the year! I love the glittery type effect and the colour is the best! Who doesn't love a copper nail varnish? It's Barry M so of course it's incredible quality and a must have for me this month.

6. Boho Moon

Now, if you follow me on social media, I do apologise as you will have for sure heard about this brand before! They followed me on Twitter a while ago so I thought I would have a little look at their stuff. They sell Jewellery and it is to die for! Everything is just so so pretty and I love it all. Since discovering them I have made 3 or 4 orders so I had to mention them in today's post. I would say that there stuff is affordable and really great quality. I have done a separate post on my first order, you can check that out here. I will also have a YouTube video coming up showing you everything that I got, so look out for that one next week!

7. Eat Smart

I have been waiting for this to come out for so long as I'm a big fan of Niomi! I have also wanted to change my eating a little bit so that it's healthier, but I never know where to start. So I was excited to get this as I do trust Niomi's opinions! This book is really beautiful, I love the design and the images inside. It's very classic and chic and I can tell how much effort went into this! Defiantly a favourite of this month.

9. Bad Moms
(Image taken from Pinterest)

This has for sure been my film favourite of the month! I went to go and see this film with Alice and Nia and It's so so funny! It's one of the most hilarious films that I've ever seen and one of the best from this year! (Now thats a statement). I love Mila Kunis and there were also some other amazing actors involved. It's one of those films to see with your friends and a film that will put you in a better mood. Can't wait to buy this on dvd.

10. The Vampire Diaries

Now...I know I have mentioned this programme at least a million times, but it has been my favourite yet again! But, I do have good reasons...I have been watching the newest season as this has just come out in the UK. So, I think this is acceptable! The new season is incredible and I am LOVING it! I can't believe the next season is going to be the last, I'm not going to be able to handle it. Saying goodbye to all the characters and saying goodbye to The Vampire Diaries...(Currently wiping tears off the screen).

11. Carly Rowena
(Image taken from

My favourite YouTuber of the month has been Carly! She focuses mainly on fitness and eating but she also does hauls, advice videos and my favourite, her weekly vlogs! She has a really great personality and attitude towards the fitness world. She also has a really great blog too which I know you guys will love. Be sure to check out all of her social media too because as you could of guessed...that's amazing too!


12. Zoella and Poppy Deyes
(Image taken from

I decided to pick two bloggers this month as I feel like they can be talked about together. I really don't think that I need to tell you who these guys are! Poppy has had her blog for a year now and I have always loved her style of writing and photography. She likes a lot of things that are similar to me so I have been loving her blog recently. Zoe has been updating her blog a lot more recently and I have loved this! She has always been my favourite so to see new content on her blog has made me very excited. They both recently took a trip away together and I have been loving the photos and content from that!

Zoe:                                        Poppy:
Blog                                        Blog
Channel                                   Instagram

13. Sia

Sia has just released a new song called The Greatest so I had to mention her as this months music favourite. I love her voice and think it's so incredible. Listening to her music puts me in the best mood and I could listen to it all day...And this is something that I have done a lot this month! She is for sure getting bigger and bigger and I would love to see her live one day.

I hope you enjoyed finding out about all the things that I have been loving this month! I also filmed a video about my September favourites over on my channel and I would love it if you could go and check that out too! I will be back again very soon...Kellie xx


Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Affordable Liquid Lipsticks!

Since my obsession for liquid lipsticks has grown just a little bit...okay a lot! I thought I would show you guys the liquid lipsticks I have been loving from affordable brands too which makes things so much easier! These lipsticks are still amazing quality and the colours are lush too. There are only a few shades in today's post but of course there is a range of colours to choose from if you want something a little different.

I am going to start with one of my new holy grail products and this is from Tanya Burr Cosmetics! This is the shade Martha Moo and there are also two other shades too (which I need to buy at some point). These liquid lipsticks are quite new to the collection and so so amazing! The quality of this product is insane to say its only £6! The packing is beautiful and I love that's it's square instead of rounded like most liquid lipsticks. It looks classy and chic which I love! Now, lets talk about this shade, just BEAUTIFUL! This is the perfect nude for everyone and has been the most popular shade I believe. Its so so pigmented which I love and doesn't feel drying at all! Tanya is also bringing out some matte lipsticks and new products at the end of this month...(sorry in advance bank account)!


Sunday, 25 September 2016

Making a change!

"It's been a journey to figure out what kind of contribution I want to make and what kind of person I want to be on this planet" Nikki Reed

Today's post is one that I have had in mind for a while now, but it's finding the time to actually sit down and write a post at the minute! I have a lot of thoughts and ideas going around in my head, so I needed to sit down and talk to you guys...

Recently I have been on a bit of a discovery with myself and I'm slowly figuring out what I want to do. This could be from careers to issues around the world to what skincare I want to use! All of these things can be important to you and finding out who you are, and I think it's quite exciting going on this journey. If you feel like you have no clue at all at the minute, or you feel mixed emotions about everything or you've got it all figured out (lucky you!)...either way it's absolutely fine! Growing up can be a scary thing but also some of the greatest times of your life too! People can go through so many different phases just to find out who they really are, and if this seems to change every day, then no's all part of the process!


Sunday, 11 September 2016

BohoMoon Jewellery!

Today's post is all about a new brand which I have discovered and fallen in love with! I have bought some new jewellery from BohoMoon and it's so so gorgeous! So of course I had to share it with you guys...

BohoMoon is an online store which I discovered through Twitter and I'm so happy that I did! They recently had a 50% off day so this was the perfect opportunity to buy some new jewellery and see what it was like! I'm going to be showing you every piece that I got because they are all so beautiful and amazing quality!

I decided to pick up some chokers because they are really in right now and I am obsessed with them! The first one was the Mini Turtle Choker and I chose this one because it matches my belly bar perfectly and I love turtles! This choker is a think black choker and the turtle is silver which matches the chain! Its really pretty and simple and would usually be £5.


Monday, 5 September 2016

Do more of what makes you happy!

As you can see from the title, this post is all about making the choices that you want and putting your happiness over anything else! I have seen a few bloggers talking about this a lot more recently and I defiantly wanted to join the discussion! 

For years and years, I have often made choices just because I thought that's what other people would want me to do or I was worried about what others would think...which I now know was crazy to even think! I'm not going to go into a step by step process of doing more of what makes you happy as I'm not 100% sure that I know myself but that's fine as no ones perfect! But I am going to share some of the things that I have learnt over the years and my experiences too.

The first thing that I wanted to talk about was starting my blog and YouTube channel. I was so worried to start a blog because I was worried what others would think of what I wrote or what I wanted to talk about. But as I started to read more and more blogs, I knew that I had to start one! I only told a small amount of people at first but after a while, I really didn't care what other people thought! But as more and more people started reading my blog and supporting it, I fell in love with it even more! My love for my blog has grown more and more and it defiantly makes me happy. I also recently started my channel and that was so scary! I was so worried about what other people would think but now I have got to a point where as long as I'm happy, that's all that matters! I want to use my channel to help the world and raise awareness for important events, and that's much more important than what anyone thinks. Just because some people don't understand, they can still support if it makes someone happy. Everyone around me has actually been so so supportive so I'm very lucky!

Friday, 26 August 2016

Going Cruelty Free With Makeup...

Today's post is one that I have wanting to write for a while now and I'm so happy to be uploading this...

I am going cruelty free with my makeup and I couldn't be happier! It's something that I have wanted to do for a really long time now and I'm glad that I finally sat down and did all my research! I have chosen to go cruelty free with my makeup because I have a big love for all animals and I think animal cruelty is unacceptable! I wanted to make this change to promote and raise awareness and do all that I can to try and stop animal testing...

I honestly didn't realise how many brands were still testing on animals and it makes me so so sad that a lot of the popular brands still do! Although some brands may tell you that they are cruelty free, thats not always the story...Because of some laws in other countries, that say we have to test on animals rather than humans, some brands say that this part of the process is out of their control. But a lot of brands have found other ways around this so no animals are harmed, so why can't all brands follow this? I know it can be difficult but I just hope that one day, no animals will be harmed to create any product!

I have spent so many hours researching this topic and it was so interesting to find everything out. I managed to find lots of helpful websites and blogs to read and I now know which brands are cruelty free! It was upsetting to see that I was using a lot of brands that still test on animals, but now I know and I won't be buying from them anymore!


Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Trip to Brighton!

So, recently I took a little trip to Brighton with two of my closest friends Alice and Nia! I had been waiting for this trip for so so long and I can honestly say that I had the best time! Brighton is now one of my favourite places that I have ever been too and I would love to live there some day...yes that's how much we all loved it! In today's post I'm going to be sharing some photos from the trip with you and also letting you know some of the best moments too. If you ever have the chance to go to Brighton or are even considering it, DO IT! I promise that you won't regret it and will thank me later...

The first day was spent getting to know the area and exploring a little bit! It was a really beautiful day which always makes everything so much better, so that was a bonus! I really loved just walking around everywhere and recognising places from Zoe and Alfies vlogs! Seeing the Bandstand for the first time was amazing for me and this is 100% one of my favourite things about Brighton! The first day was really lovely and we spent the night on the beach watching the sunset and this was such a moment for all of us! We all had instantly fallen in love with Brighton and we knew it was going to be a good few days! We stayed in an Air BnB which is something that I have never done before! It was really great staying with a family and so comfortable and relaxing! I think that I might do a whole other post on this experience in the future!

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Spreading the positivity...

Now this is a post that I have been wanting to write for a while now and I'm very happy that I now have a chance to sit down and write this! Today's post is all about spreading the positivity, especially on social media. I have seen so many negative comments or opinions recently, so I thought that I would try and spread a little more love and encourage people to do the same...

Firstly, I have seen a lot of negative comments or tweets recently from one girl to another in particular and I can't understand this! I believe that as girls, we should all support each other and instead of pointing out the bad things that some of us will feel insecure about, we should celebrate the positive things and compliment each other! I have seen these negative comments happen far too much in the blogging and YouTube community and I just think that it's time for this to stop and for us all to accept that not everyone is the same therefore we won't all have the same opinions...and that's okay! If you don't agree with something, you don't have to voice your opinion at all, just keep quiet and move on. Nobody is perfect and we all have our down days, so us girls need to stick together and support each other in spreading the love and positivity! We are all unique and beautiful, so please don't make people feel like they need to look a certain way, I think that I will be doing a whole other post on body confidence very soon, so be sure to look out for that!

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Me Before You...

"You only get one life. It's actually your duty to live it as fully as possible."

Today's post is purely dedicated to the film and book called Me Before You! I thought that I would do a blog post all about these as it is something that I would highly recommend and plus, I've never done anything like this before so I thought it would be good!

I'm not going to give any major spoilers in this post as I know how annoying that can be, so you don't have to worry about that!

First of all, I'm going to give you a few words on what it's about, just in case you didn't know!

Louisa Clarke finds herself with a new job taking care of Will Traynor, who is paralyzed from the waist down after an accident a few years ago. Louisa is a happy and quirky character but her cheerful attitude is put to the test by Will. Louisa tries to show Will that life is worth living no matter what, but will she change Wills mind before its too late?

Okay...I'm no film critic and writer but that's the best I can do!

Image taken from Pinterest

I'm going to start with the film as this is what I saw first before reading the book. I honestly fell in love with the film within the first 10 minutes of it and my love for it just got bigger and bigger! I really love the character Louisa Clarke who is the main girl played by Emilia Clarke. I just love how bubbly and happy she is and I think that she is a character that everyone will just love and connect with! I also really loved Sam Claflin playing the main guy Will Traynor too. I thought that he did such an amazing job and I also connected with this character so much when watching the film! The whole story-line is something different to your usual romantic film and I think something like this film was long overdue. I really loved all of the messages that this film gave and I love it when I can take so much away from a film.

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