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Saturday, 12 December 2015

The Christmas Tag!

This week I decided to do the Christmas Tag with my sister. My sister is 19 years old and her name is Shannon, she agreed to do the Christmas Tag with me as we thought it would be an interesting post to do! I really enjoy reading other peoples posts about Christmas so I decided that this would be a good post as you get to find out everything that we like about Christmas! There are ten questions in total and I chose these questions from a few Christmas Tag videos on YouTube that I have watched...

1. When do you start getting excited for Christmas?

S: October! I'd say after Halloween is over because the next thing is Christmas.
K: I would say in November, maybe half way through November as things start getting really festive. I do like the longer run up to Christmas!

2. Do you still have an advent calendar?

S: No...I had one last year but this year I didn't bother.
K: Well I still have one! This year I got the Milky-bar one and I will get one every year because its chocolate, so why wouldn't I?

3. Favourite Christmas films?

S: The Grinch is my favourite and always has been! I also like The Muppet's Christmas Carol, the first Home Alone and...Frozen.
K: Wait, is that a Christmas film?
S: came out at Christmas time.
K: My favourites are, Elf and The Snowman. I really love The Holiday! I also like Home Alone and The Grinch as they are just classic Christmas films!

4. Whats your Christmas routine?

S: I wake up at 5 o clock! Maybe not that early...(at this point I gave Shannon a look as I know she does get up soooo early!) Open presents straight away, chill out for a bit, eat Christmas dinner and then visit all the family.
K: I get woken up by Shannon quite early...Once we all get up we then go downstairs and open the presents! We then chill out for a bit and look at all the stuff we got. We get ready and have Christmas dinner. In the afternoon we go to my dads and visit the rest of the family! At night, I'm usually at my dads and we just have a bit of a party which is really fun.

5. Favourite Christmas songs?

S: The Pogues.
K: Which ones that?
S: "And the bells are ringing out on Christmas dayyy..." I also like Last Christmas.
She then starts singing this song too and my dad joins in as well!
K: My favourite is probably Mariah Carey, All I want for Christmas is you! I also like the Michael Buble Christmas album as he is one of my favourites.

6.  Whats your favourite thing about Christmas time?

S: Seeing everyone!
K: You don't have to lie just because its going on my blog...
S: No! I do like it. And giving presents...
K: My favourite thing is buying and giving people presents. I just really like this part and love the feeling when they really love it! I also really love Christmas lights!

7. On Christmas day, do you stay in your pjs or dress up?

S: Dress up! Well, with a Christmas jumper...
K: We usually tend to get dressed up a little bit. But if we stayed in one place on Christmas Day, I would definitely stay in my onesie all day!

8. What would be your dream destination to visit during the Christmas season?

S: Erm...wherever the Northern Lights are! Dad where are they? Scandinavia!
K: Mine would 100% be New York!
S: Yeah, I've already been there...
Next question!

9. Are you good at wrapping Christmas presents?

S: Yes I am! I think I'm average but I'm not bad.
K: I'm brilliant at wrapping presents.
(Shannon starts laughing)
K: Ok, I'm not good at wrapping presents. But I do try!

10. Do you like it to snow around Christmas?

S: Yeah I do like snow!
K: Why?
S: It just seems cosy, its cold but...
K: I don't like snow, its way too cold and snow is really rubbish in the UK as it just turns to black horrible ice. I think if I was somewhere where it snowed properly then I might like it.

That's all the questions for this blog post! I really enjoyed answering these questions with my sister and there were times when we couldn't stop laughing for no reason at all! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I will be back on Tuesday with another Christmas related beauty post!

Kellie xx

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