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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Christmas Nails!

We have finally reached December the 1st and the Christmas month has official begun! I really like this time of year because it becomes really festive and I like the big build up to Christmas. I have decided that throughout this month, I will be posting lots of Christmas related things and I have tried to plan out ideas so that there are lots of exciting things for you! I thought that I would start off with a post all about Christmas nails! I really enjoy having my nails different colours and this time of year is perfect for doing new and exciting things with you nails! I have gathered a collection of products and colours which I think would be perfect to create festive nails, so I hope you enjoy!

The first thing that I looked at is the most basic thing, and this is colour! I chose some colours which I think fit in really well with the theme of Christmas and also ones which would look really festive too! These could be worn for a specific festive event, like a Christmas party or these colours could also be worn everyday throughout December!

Tanya Burr: Riding Hood
Rimmel: 345 Black Cherries
Avon: Stardust
Technic: Mixed Glitter
Technic: Silver Glitter
Technic: Gold Glitter
Rimmel: 331 Sage Green

Another thing which I really like to use are nail stickers. You can buy these from loads of different places and they're really affordable too. All you have to do is; paint you nails the colour of your choice, cut out the sticker, place this in water for 30-50 seconds, then place it on your nail and take off the back paper, dab off the excess water with a tissue and then paint a layer of top coat! Its really simple and easy to do and I think they look really good! I bought these ones of eBay and they were 99p each. I chose three different designs to wear throughout December!

Another thing which you can use are 3D nail art or nail glitter. You can be really creative with these products and they can look really good too! You can get these products from lots of shops and there are lots of colours to choose from as well. One thing that I love to do is look on Pinterest for nail art inspiration and there are always loads of ideas on there!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I hope you enjoyed the first day of December. I have lots of festive posts planned so there will be lots of Christmas content on this blog for the next month! I will be back on Saturday with another lifestyle post...

Kellie xx


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