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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Beauty/Fashion Inspiration...

For today's post I decided to gather a collection of videos from YouTube that I have been loving this month! I love watching YouTube videos for makeup, fashion and skincare inspiration. I find it difficult to decide what kind of looks I want to wear in the Christmas season so having some ideas really helps! I do watch a lot of Youtubers anyway so I found it easy to find lots of content for this post. I've gathered a variety of videos for you to watch and they're all for the Christmas and Winter season!


The first video that I had to mention was Zoella's video that she uploaded yesterday! Its a Christmas Lookbook full of amazing outfits! Zoe is definitely someone I look to for style inspiration! This video is great for getting ideas for winter fashion.

I thought that I would include a winter haul in this post as this video inlcudes lots of fashion inspiration! This video is by one of my favourites, Anna Saccone. Anna likes very simple clothing items and loves wearing plain colours like black, grey and white. This is exactly the same as me so this video was perfect!

Beauty and Skincare:

This has definitely been one of my favourite videos this month. This is another video by Zoella! I love watching pamper and skincare routines as I'm always looking for ideas to improve my own routine! I'm always wanting to learn about how to look after my skin a lot better so these videos are great to watch!

Tutorials are amazing videos to watch as you can learn about new looks and also learn about new products as well! Tanya Burr is a great YouTuber for tutorials on a variety of things! This Emma Watson inspired makeup look is perfect for a Christmas Party!

This video has a tutorial for makeup, hair and a skincare routine! Gabriella Lindley is also another one of my favourite's and I thought that this video would be perfect to include because it has everything!

This drugstore makeup look by Danielle Mansutti is perfect for Christmas Day! I love watching drugstore tutorials as I cant always afford high end makeup and I love seeing how a product works before buying it!

Makeup Looks and Outfits:

Another video by Tanya Burr! This video will definitely get you in the festive spirit and also get you thinking about what you want to wear for that Christmas Party! This look is really simple but looks amazing!

I had to include a video by Lucy and Lydia because their videos are always amazing! Their Christmas Party looks are so gorgeous and they use really affordable products too which is so helpful, especially around Christmas!

The final video I chose for this post is another one by the gorgeous Danielle Mansutti! This is another get ready with me video and I have been loving these types of videos recently as they give you inspiration for the whole look! This is a perfect look for Christmas Day!

I hope you enjoyed reading all about my beauty and fashion inspiration for the Christmas month! I would recommend watching all of these videos in this post as they are honestly amazing and have given me so many ideas! YouTube is a great place to go when you need ideas or inspiration for absolutely anything! I will be back on Saturday with another Christmas related lifestyle post! I cant believe Christmas is next week, how exciting!!

Kellie xx


  1. Cute beanie and white dress :)
    Maria V.

  2. Yeah, I agree! I'm going to check out your blog now! :) Kellie x


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