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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Rita Ora Rimmel London Nail Polish:

Today's post is based on Rita Ora's collection of nail polish within the brand Rimmel London. I have always loved Rimmels nail polish and when they brought out a collection with Rita Ora, I had to try them! There is a variety of different colours and I love them all! Today I have picked out my top five colours within the collection. I think that the products are really affordable and such high quality! They are priced at £2.99 each and they each last me a really long time. If I use a top coat alongside them, then they are perfect for lasting without chipping. They also dry in 60 seconds and I love this because waiting for nail polish to dry is my least favourite thing about painting my nails! The colours are really pretty and I love the names of them too, here are my 5 favourite which I have been loving at the minute...

1. Rain Rain Go Away

This is definitely my favourite colour of nail polish! Its the perfect nude shade and it goes with any outfit! Every time I wear this shade, people comment on the colour and ask me where its from. Its a neutral shade which I think will suit everyone! I always re buy this colour and its my number one shade!

2.Neon Fest

I decided to pick up this colour because I thought that it was a really nice pink shade! I love that the pink isn't too overpowering but it still looks bright and classy. I would say that this pink shade suits me quite well and I really love wearing this shade as I think it adds something extra to my outfit.

3.Go Wild-er-ness

I don't usually wear purple nail varnish but I saw this colour and thought that it was a really pretty shade. Its more of a lilac shade than purple and I think that it is a nice pastel colour. This is a great colour to wear everyday and I love the name of the product too!


This colour polish is one that I don't own in my collection so that's why I decided to pick it up! I think that this shade looks really nice with darker outfits and a red lip. I think that it is quite a noticeable shade but I really like it and I'm happy that I picked it up!


This colour was perfect to wear throughout summer! I love these pastel shades as they are really bright and pretty. I think that this colour is another shade that would suit a lot of people and goes with a lot of outfits too!

I think that this collection from Rimmel is one of my favourite from drugstore brands and I also love the Kate Moss collection too! These products are really good quality for money and are ones that I would 100% recommend. I would love to have the whole collection of colours soon and I will constantly be buying Rain Rain Go Away as its my favourite shade! I usally buy these products from Superdug and I have left the links to my top 5 colours at the bottom of the post. I hope you enjoyed reading todays post!

Kellie xx

Screenshot from the Superdrug Website

Colours that I want to try next...

1. Bestival Blue
2. Glaston-Berry
3. Sweet Retreat


Rain Rain Go Away
Neon Fest
Go Wild-er-ness


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