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Saturday, 17 October 2015

Meeting The SacconeJoly's!

On Sunday 11th October I got the chance to meet the SacconeJoly's! They held a meet and greet at the RSPCA Big Walkies event and helped to raise money for the charity. If you don't know who the SacconeJoly's are, they are a family who vlog everyday and post the videos onto their YouTube channel! They have over 1 million subscribers and they have been filming their everyday life for over 5 years! If you haven't seen their videos before, I would 100% recommend watching them as they make you smile! I love that they get involved with charity events and use their channel to raise money for RSPCA. They have 6 dogs so it doesn't surprise me that they got involved. 

Meeting Anna and Jonathan was one of the best days I've had! They are honestly the loveliest and genuine people that I have ever met and I love that they can make so many people happy just by posting their videos.  They also have their own individual channels too and I love Anna's channel as it has fitness, beauty and fashion related videos which I love! Getting the chance to meet them was so amazing and I would love to meet the whole family someday (including the dogs!). We went to Leeds Roundhay Park to the meet up and waited in line with 200 other people all eager to meet the couple. The weather held out for us and I went with two of my friends, Nia and Alice! It was so surreal getting to see them and I loved every minute of it! 

I have left one of their videos below for you to watch...The video is from the day of the meet up and I was lucky enough to appear in the vlog! It is a day that I will never forget and I would love to meet them again someday!!

Video taken from The SacconeJoly's YouTube channel.


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