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Saturday, 19 September 2015


In today's post, I am going to be showing you where I like to go walking and jogging. These two types of exercises are what I mainly do on a weekly basis as I have an easy location for me to get to and also this is something that I don't mind doing as much as full workouts. I prefer to go when the weather is nicer because I find it a lot easier and more enjoyable but a lot of the time the weather is quite dull as we do live in England...

The first thing that I do is walk across some fields which are behind my house. There are about 4 in total and this is how I get to Brayton Barf which is the main route which I go on. I don't mind walking across the fields as long as it hasn't been raining and quite a lot of people use the same path route on the fields so its quite easy to get across them. I quite like walking across the fields at the beginning as it gives me time to warm up a bit and get ready for my smaller workout. 

I love walking up the hill at the barf and looking at the view. On this particular day the sky was really clear and the sun was out. I thought that it looked really pretty and its a nice stop to take a quick break and catch my breath after running up the hill...

The next part of my route is the main section of my walk/jog. The place that I go is called Brayton Barf and I have gone here ever since I was little. Its quite a nice length and it also has some uphill sections as well which I think is good to include as part of my workout. I try to go walking or jogging 2 times a week and I also have some other exercises that I do for the rest of the week so that its varied. I don't mind going walking on a nice day as I find it relaxing and easier to do when the suns out.

The two main things which I always need for when I am going out on a walk or a jog are my trainers and my phone. Having trainers is an obvious thing which everyone knows that they need! But having my phone and some headphones is an essential as I find it very helpful and makes it a lot more interesting. I also find that sometimes it can make it seem like the walk has gone a lot quicker as well. At the minute, I have been listening to Ellie Goulding a lot as she is one of my favourites and I will hopefully be getting tickets to her tour next year!!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my post about where I like to go walking or jogging. I think that adding this into your exercise plan is quite nice as its not as difficult as some workouts and its a nice one to do on a sunny day...

Kellie xx


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