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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Favourite YouTubers...

In the past year, I have started to get into YouTube and start watching a variety of videos. I now watch YouTube videos everyday and I love the YouTubers that are currently on there. In today's post, I have selected my current favourite YouTubers to watch and I have also put them into categories too! YouTube is slowly growing and becoming very popular. People can now make YouTube videos as their career and a lot of younger people are recognising the YouTubers and subscribing to their channels.


 The first YouTuber is Danielle Mansutti. She is an Australian Beauty YouTuber and she currently has around 650k subscribers. I think that she is really talented and I love watching her videos because she comes up with so many different looks. I really enjoy watching beauty videos because I am always wanting to learn new things about makeup. I recently watched one of her videos called 'Fresh Spring Makeup Tutorial' and I loved the Mac lipstick that she used in the shade 'Modesity' which I now own!

I think that she is a really down to earth person who really loves what she does! She connects with her viewers all the time which is something that I also love about her. If you are interested in Beauty or want to find out about different makeup products, I would definitely recommend her videos as she is one of my favourites! I think she is a YouTuber that deserves a lot more subscribers but she is also slowly becoming a lot more popular too!

Images taken from @danimansutti
Instagram page and Dani Mansutti YouTube page.

 The second beauty YouTuber is Lauren Curtis. She is also from Australia too! She currently has around 3 million subscribers and I also think that she is the number 1 Beauty YouTuber in Australia. (I maybe wrong...) I really love her channel because she posts a selection of videos that are always interesting to watch. On her channel, she has done a variety of makeup looks which I love because there is something for everyone. One of my favourite videos that she has recently done is called 'Ultra Glam Special Occasion Makeup!'.

She seems like such a lovely person and I really enjoy watching her videos. She is really good at what she does and I can see why she is so popular on YouTube! If you are looking for different makeup looks then I would have a look at her channel!

Images taken from @lozcurtis Instagram page and Lauren Curtis YouTube page.


The first vlog channel that I want to talk about are a family that live in London called the SacconeJoly's. The family consists of; Jonathan, Anna, Emilia, Eduardo and 6 dogs! They are a family who vlog everyday of their lives and they have done this for over 5 years. I was introduced to this channel by my sister as she said I would really enjoy watching their videos. I now watch their videos everyday and I absolutely love them! Their videos and really entertaining and is something that I look forward to everyday at 6pm! I think it is a really good idea vlogging their lives because they can have all these memories to look back on in the future. If you enjoy watching vlogs, this is the channel that I would recommend 100% because I think the videos are something that everyone will enjoy watching. I am also meeting them in a few weeks so that is something that I cant wait for!!

Images taken from @annasaccone and @jonathanjoly Instagram Page.
SacconeJoly's YouTube Channel

 The second vlog channel which I want to talk about is Alfie Deyes vlog channel called 'Pointless Blog Vlogs'. He also vlogs everyday of his life and he also has another channel as well where he posts other videos. He currently has around 2 and a half million subscribers on this vlog channel and around 4 and a half million subscribers on his main channel. I really enjoy watching his videos because I find them entertaining and he also lives with another one of my favourite YouTubers as well called Zoe Sugg, so I like watching them both in the vlogs too.

A lot of people don't understand what vlogging is and why people do it. A lot of the younger generation really enjoy them but for example, my mum and dad don't really understand it but I think that it is a really nice idea because you can look back on these videos when you are older. It is becoming more and more popular which I think is a really good thing! If you enjoy watching vlogs, then this is a channel that you should go and have a look at! 

Images taken from @pointlessblog Instagram Page and Pointless Blog Vlog channel.


A lot of people will recognise this name because she is one of the most popular YouTubers at the minute. She currently has over 9 million subscribers on her main channel and she also has a vlog channel with 3 and a half million subscribers. Zoella also known as Zoe Sugg, is one of my favourite YouTubers because she posts a variety of videos that I really enjoy watching. Some of the videos that she posts include things like; Makeup looks, hauls, Favourites, Baking, Challenges and many more!

One thing that I really like about the people who work with YouTube is that the majority of them are really good friends and spend a lot of time together. So we get to see them in each others videos as they do collaborations. For example, one of my favourite videos that Zoella did was the whisper challenge with Jim Chapman. Another thing that I like about this YouTuber is that she has brought out a book which I really enjoyed and also a bath and body collection which is really nice too! If you are looking for an all around really good YouTuber then go to Zoella's channel!

Images from @zozeebo Instagram page and Zoella's Youtube channel.

 Another one of my favourite YouTubers that I like everything about is Tanya Burr. She currently has nearly 3 and a half million subscribers on her channel and she is well known in YouTube. She recently got married to Jim Chapman who is also another well known YouTuber. Tanya started off by posting makeup tutorials but she now posts a variety of content. For example, Favourites, Vlogs, Baking, Fashion, Hauls and many more!

I really enjoy watching Tanya Burr's videos because I think that she is really honest and such a lovely person. She has also recently announced that she is working on something called Global Goals which are a series of 17 goals which major leaders around the world have agreed to achieve by a certain date. I think that it is amazing how so many people involved in YouTube are using their platform to work with charities and raising awareness about really important issues. Tanya Burr is a great YouTuber to watch as she has such a variety of videos!

Images from @tanyaburr Instagram page and Tanya Burr's channel.

The final YouTuber that I wanted to talk about in this category is Gabriella Lindley. She currently has nearly 700,000 subscribers and she also has a vlog channel with around 360,000 subscribers. I think that she deserves a lot more because she is really down to earth and has a really good channel. She posts a lot of variety which is why I enjoy watching her videos so much. For example, Makeup Looks, Hauls, Favourites, Routines, and many more.  

I also really enjoy watching her vlogs as well on her second channel because they are entertaining and I love finding more about her life. I think that it is really good that people can make a living from making YouTube videos because they are clearly really passionate about it and a lot of people really enjoy watching their videos. I also like how the current YouTubers are expanding out into other things as well. For example, Beauty products, Books, clothing, etc...Gabi has recently released a homeware range with Primark and I think that it is amazing! Definitely a YouTuber to check out as she deserves a lot more attention! 

Images from @velvetgh0st Instagram page and Gabriella's channel.

I also want to mention two new channels which I have recently discovered and really enjoyed! The first channel belongs to Lucy and Lydia who are twins. They currently have around 160,000 subscribers. They also have a variety of content on their channel too. For example, Makeup, Get the look videos, hauls, favourites, vlogs and many more! You should definitely look into their channel because they are really funny and nice girls and their videos are always really good! They also get the chance to go to lots of amazing events so that's really interesting to watch too! The second channel that I have recently discovered belongs to Niomi Smart. I already recognise her because she is really good friends with some of the other YouTubers that I watch so I thought I'd have a look at her channel. She currently has nearly 1 and a half million subscribers. I have been really enjoying her videos because she clearly puts a lot of time into filming and editing them and they are really good! She posts a lot of content on her channel, for example, Food, Makeup looks, challenges, fashion, advice, vlogs and many more! She is another channel that I would recommend!


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