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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

2015 MTV Video Music Awards | Fashion and Beauty

On Sunday 30th August, the VMA's were held in Los Angeles. I love when events like this happen because I love to see all the celebrities and what they have chosen to wear to the event. Unfortunately, I didn't go to the event so the images on this blog post are from taken from E Online! So, if you want to see more images of the event, I'll leave a link to their website at the bottom of the post. I have decided to write this blog post about my favourite fashion and beauty looks from the VMA's. I love getting inspiration from their looks and seeing which names they are wearing as well...


Kourtney Kardashian and Kylie Jenner
Picture from: E Online

The Kardashian's always wear stylish clothes, so there's no surprise that these were two of my favourite fashion looks from the event. Kourtney wore a pink jumpsuit and I really loved the colour of this! I thought that it looked really nice against her skin tone as she has a tan and I also thought the colour worked really nicely with her long black hair. It was a really simple outfit but worked really well! Kylie wore a camel coloured long sleeved mini dress. I thought that the pattern on her dress was really stylish and I loved the gold heels she wore with the outfit as well! Kylie also wore a black wig which I thought suited her and went nicely with the whole outfit!

Vanessa Hudgens
Picture from: E Online

This was my favourite look from the VMA's! Vanessa Hudgens wore a long pink dress with a pattern of flowers. I really loved the style of the dress and the length of it too. The colour of the dress is a beautiful light pink shade and this is one of my favourite things about the look. I just think that everything about the dress suits her perfectly and her long wavy black hair helps to bring the look together. This is my favourite look from the VMA's and is something that I would defiantly choose to wear if I was attending!

Bella Thorne
Picture from: E Online

Bella Thorne has always been a style icon to me so I instantly knew that I would love whatever she chose to wear for the event. Bella Thorne wore a white dress which had two thin straps and a slit down one side. I thought that this was a really simple outfit but looked really elegant and stylish. She also wore some silver heels with the dress too. I love how the outfit is all one plain colour but is one of the best outfits from the night. Having her hair up worked with the simplicity of the outfit and allowed us to see all the details. This is also an outfit that I would choose to wear!

Selena Gomez
Picture from: E Online

Selena Gomez is a massive style icon and I think that her fashion taste is very similar to mine, which is why I loved her look from the VMA's. Selena wore a long black long sleeved dress with a zip down the front and she also wore black platform heels too. Many of the fashion looks I have chose are very simple but effective as this is definitely the same! The fitted dress works well with her figure and her natural curled hair look helps bring the outfit together! I'm not 100% sure, but I think that she changed her outfit at some point during the night. In her recent Instagram photo of the VMA's, her outfit is slightly different and I also love this look too! This outfit is also black and has two slits down the front and had two thick straps rather than long sleeved. 
Picture from: Selena's Instagram


Picture from: Kim's Instagram

I also had to mention my favourite makeup looks of the night as there were so many! The first look that I wanted to mention is Kim Kardashian West! A lot of people love her makeup looks and knows that she will always have a perfect makeup look for anything she goes too! This look consisted of flawless skin, nude lips and a brown smokey eye. I thought that this natural look worked really well with her hair which was away from her face and the colour of her dress too. One of my favourite parts of the look were definitely her brows and her contouring! 

Picture from: Lindsey's Instagram

Lindsey Morgan is an actress in The 100 which is one of my favourite TV shows!! I thought that her makeup look for the VMA's was gorgeous! The look consisted of flawless skin, perfect brows, red lips and perfect liner. I thought that the colours within the look worked really well her her hair and eyes. Especially the bronzer on her cheeks and the shade of her lipstick. My favourite part of her look is definitely the eyes as they look big and the eyeliner is perfectly done. Lindsey Morgan is always someone I look to for fashion and beauty inspiration so you should defiantly do it too!

Cara Delevingne
Picture from: E Online

My final favourite makeup look from the VMA's was definitely Cara Delevingne! This look is the type of makeup look that I would usually wear. The look consisted of nude lips, smokey eyes and defined brows. I thought that this look suited Cara really well and worked well with her outfit too. Nude lipsticks are my favourite so I really liked the shade of her lipstick and I thought that it suited her skin tone nicely. The smokey eyes matched the colour of her dress and allowed the makeup and fashion look to connect. 

Events like the VMA's is something that I always look forward too as I love seeing all of the celebrity looks. This years VMA's consisted of a lot of looks that I loved and my favourites came from my celeb style icons which worked out really well! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and go to 
if you want to see more images from the event!


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